Видео: Panasonic HX-DC3 1080p 30fps

Panasonic HX-DC3 720p 30fps

hi all. here is a sample i shot by the river. sorry about the shake. i think i might need a better card. enjoy.

Panasonic HX-DC3 720p 30fps

hi all here is the 720p 30fps sample. i have noticed some lag in some of the tests. it might be due to the class 4 card i have. enjoy.

Panasonic HX-DC3 1080 60i test

hi all another test. using the 1080 60i setting. enjoy.

Panasonic HX-DC3 720p 60fps

hi all. 720p 60fps sample. EIS and windcut is on. enjoy.

Panasonic HX-DC3 Final Thoughts

hi all. here is my final thoughts enjoy.

Panasonic HX-DC3 720p lowlight tests

hi all. here is the low light shots. I have noticed that the edges are a bit shaky. I am going to see if the E.I.S makes any difference.

A Late Friday afternoon Visit to the Mumbles: Panasonic HX DC3 Video Test

Was out and about this past Friday so I thought id call into the Mumbles in the late afternoon, had a Joes Ice Cream and went for a ...

Panasonic HX-DC3 Macro & PlayBack Mode

hi all. another test for you guys enjoy.

Panasonic HX-DC3 Creative Control

hi all. here are the effects. enjoy.

Panasonic HX-DC3 Camera Test (1080p HD)

Just testing my Panasonic HX-DC3 camera.

panasonic hx-dc3 сравнение режимов при съемке ночью

Обычный, все на автомате. iso 400 iso 800 iso 1600 Интеллектуальный режим Ночной пейзаж Низкое освещение.

PANASONIC HX-DC10 Test 1080p 30FPS

PANASONIC HX-DC10 Test 1080p 30FPS Filmed at room light Auto mode has been set Filmuota kambario šviesoje Režimas ...

New camera test Panasonic HX-DC3

Panasonic HX-DC3 macro test.

Youtube動画撮影 MP4記録 Panasonic HX-DC3 その2

Panasonic HX-DC3 を使って室内で撮影してみました。

Panasonic HX-DC 3 Test Footage

Just a quick video showing the Panasonic HX-DC 3. Nice little camcorder for just taking videos. A few things I didn't realise until ...

Panasonic HX-DC2 Test film - Stourhead Gardens

This is a short video taken at Stourhead Gardens using the Panasonic HX-DC2 dual camera. Shot in 1080p at 30fps. Audio left in ...

Cutty Sark, Greenwich London - Hello Panasonic HX-DC3 Camcorder !

http://youtube.com/FilmmakerMichael Just A Test For My New Pocket Camcorder.The Panasonic HX -DC3. Filmed In Greenwich ...

Опубликовано: 10 Май 2019

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