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Linux Tip | Edit Audio with ocenaudio

Please join the discussion at EzeeTalk. https://www.ezeelinux.com/talk/ It's free, secure and fun! Here's a look at a nice little cross ...

How To Use OcenAudio

How To Use OcenAudio! In this video I will be showing you how to use OcenAudio. OcenAudio is a similar software to Audacity ...

Ocenaudio 2.0.9 audio editor on Ubuntu linux

quick demo of ocenaudio on Ubuntu 14.10 linux ocenaudio is a cross-platform, easy to use, fast and functional audio editor.

Ocenaudio Tutorial 2: Adding Bumper Music

Generating silence. Importing music from YouTube Audio Library. Fading in and out. Pasting music over dialogue.

Ocenaudio Tutorial 1: Introduction to Basic Features

Importing audio. Using the slider. Zooming in. Highlighting and trimming. Copying and pasting.

A brief tutorial for Ocenaudio, an audio editor

IN this video we look at ocenaudio, an audio editor for both Mac and PC operating systems. Our focus is to select clips from oral ...

Ocenaudio Tutorial 101

This tutorial was made specifically for my students to help them on a project, but the skills are transferable to anything. Very basic ...

Ocenaudio a free alternative to Audacity recording

Hello YouTube! I am Durgesh! Today I am going to show you a free alternative software to audacity. It's Ocenaudio. No doubt ...

How to Set Up OcenAudio for Voiceover

How to create a basic VO setup for home recording. Download/install OcenAudio, add a needed feature, then create voice over ...

Best Audio Editing Software (3 Top Audio Editors for PC and Mac)

The best audio editing software for PC and Mac. A list of the 3 top audio editors for both Windows, macOS and Linux.

Cut and edit mp3 files in linux

Here I show you how to cut and edit mp3's in linux, just to help the new people who have switched to linux.

Ocenaudio: A Mixed Digital Media Critique by Tiffany Riccardelli

Mixed Digital Media Critique of Ocenaudio for Rutgers GSE.

Working with ocenaudio

ocenaudio is a handy audio editor, both easy-to-use and powerful. ocenaudio2 is developed by ocenaudio. Read the full review ...

Ocenaudio Tutorial (Deutsch)

Einsteiger Tutorial für das gratis Audiobearbeitungsprogram Ocenaudio. In diesem Tutorial lernst du am Beispiel eines Podcasts ...

How To Change Your Voice With Audacity - Tutorial #3

In today's tutorial I'll be showing you how to change your voice with Audacity. I receive a lot of comments and questions about this ...

Linux Audio Production - Getting Started

We take a look at what I have found to be reliable audio and music creation platforms that are native to Linux. We will look at a ...

Usando Ocenaudio

Tutorial básico en donde se describe como realizar una captura de voz con esta herramienta gratuita de edición de audio.

ocenaudio Punch & Roll demo

ocenaudio is a free audio recording package that has just about every feature a voiceover artist needs to get the job done. Today ...

Audio Recorder : A Simple Voice Recording Tool For Linux Mint 16 ( Ubuntu)

Audio Recorder : A Simple Voice Recording Tool For Linux Mint 16 ( Ubuntu) Commands to install Audio Recorder via PPA: sudo ...

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