Видео: How to Calibrate Touchscreen Monitor (Official Dell Tech Support)

How to Calibrate your Monitor (Official Dell Tech Support)

Learn how to calibrate your monitor using the Windows 10 color calibration tool. Improve the performance of your display by ...

How to fix windows computer touch screen not working

This video shows of one of the many ways to fix and possible reasons for why your windows touch screen has stopped working.

Windows 7 touch screen calibration

This short video explains how to calibrate the touch screen on your table PC, and create a shortcut on the desktop for ease of ...

How To Disable and Enable Touchscreen in windows 10 easy and fast

Disable and Enable Touch Screen in Windows 10 easily.

How to Disable / Enable Touch Screen | Windows 10 | Windows 8

In this video I show you how to disable the touch screen on a computer. So if your computer has a cracked screen or you just don't ...

How to calibrate windows 10 touch screen very easy way

How to calibrate windows 10 touch screen very easy.

How to fix Touchscreen Issues [Windows 10]

A tutorial on how to resolve touchscreen issues on Windows 10.

Touch screen driver install

touch screen driver installation and calibration on Windows 7 (64 bit). Windows XP, Vista and 7 (both 32 and 64 bit editions) use ...

Solved: ghost touching / random touches/ bubbles on touchscreen laptop

I have a Lenovo X220 Tablet laptop (yes, 7 years old lol). After windows 10 installation, ghost touching in the screen appeared.

How To Calibrate a Panasonic Toughbook Touchscreen

Matt from Bob Johnson's Computer Stuff, Inc. shows us how to calibrate your Panasonic Toughbook touchscreen. Check out ...

How to Turn off Touch Screen on Windows 10

This is how you turn off your touch screen on your device in windows 10.

[Fixed] Touch screen not working in Google Chrome Windows 8 or 10

Here is simple short video on how to fix Touch Screen Issue on Windows 8 or Windows 10. Unlike Edge and IE which are default ...

(:HowTo Fix:) Laptop TouchScreen or USB Not Working After PC Wakes Up

Video Details~~ Has your laptop touchscreen or other USB stopped working? Don't worry, it's probably not broken. Try "Turning it ...

ELO touchscreen does not respond to touch or has lost alignment at point of sale.

This training video is useful for situations when ELO touchscreen becomes unresponsive at the point of sale. If the touchscreen ...

Fix Touchscreen / Ghost Touching Issue and save about $300

In this video I have shows how to fix Ghost touching issue or Touchscreen issue in laptops, All in one systems and Monitors ...

How to Calibrate Your Touchscreen on Android

How to Calibrate Your Touchscreen on Android How to fix android touch screen problem Fix issues with touchscreen software ...

How to Fix Touchpad Problems on a Laptop (Official Dell Tech Support)

Watch how to fix touchpad problems on a laptop. Learn how to disable or enable a touchpad and adjust its pointing devices ...

How to tell Windows 10 which monitor is your touchscreen

How to tell Windows 10 which monitor is your touchscreen.

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