Видео: DXFan619 Plays - Rogue Warrior (Part 1: The Greatest Game Of All Time)

DXFan619 Plays - Rogue Warrior (Part 6: DXFan619 loses it)

DXFan619 gets pissed off at horrible gaming mechanics when Dick get shot to sht about 15 times.

DXFan619 Plays: Rogue Warrior (Part 2: Looks Like The Douchebag Convention's In Town)

DXFan619 stops a horde of commie douchebags from attacking America with the help of Dick "HERE COMES THE PAIN" ...

DXFan619 Plays - Rogue Warrior (Part 8: Dick's Final Mission)

DXFan619 loses it at the end of this video. This game sucks.

DXFan619 Plays - Rogue Warrior (Part 7: Dick Is Getting Too Old For This Sht)

Dick has decided that he is simply too old for this garbage, and begins fast roping through the entire level.

DXFan619 Plays - Rogue Warrior (Part 3: The Revenge Of The Korean Elites)

The true Korean Elites give DXFan619 a hell of a fight after he's equipped with a faulty grenade launcher! BETTER DEAD THAN ...

DXFan619 Plays - Rogue Warrior (Part 5: Dick becomes an MLG Pro and is DDoS'd by Lizard Squad)

Please vote on Gat Out Of Hell vs. Resident Evil!) In this episode, Dick fuels up with Mountain Dew and Doritos to become a true ...

DXFan619 Plays - Rogue Warrior (Part 4: MERRY FCKING CHRISTMAS, A$$HOLES!)

DXFan619 wishes everyone a happy holiday season as he mows through a bunch of Russians as they stand in Dick's way of ...

Rogue Warrior Melee Only WORLD RECORD

DX plays the best worst game ever again, Rogue Warrior, and attempts to run the game only using melee. This is likely the only ...

Rogue Warrior Gameplay Part 1


Rogue Warrior: Re-Fcking-Loaded (EXCLUSIVE BETHESDA E3 TRAILER)

Fallout 4? Screw that! Rogue Warrior is coming to next gen platforms soon, with 5 new missions and playing at 60 FPS on PS4 ...

PC Longplay [645] Rogue Warrior

http://www.longplays.org Played by: Mihaisbest The only good thing about this game is that the main character's voice actor is ...

619 vs. 52 ; Part 1 (Summer Of 619 2014 ; Day 16)

DXFan619 faces off against the infamous Action 52! (I don't know how long I can keep playing this before I vomit on my keyboard.)

Games I Fcking Hate - Rambo: The Video Game (Worst Game of 2014?)

DXFan619's review of Rambo: The Video Game. A very terrible shooter that makes you want to scream like Rambo when you play ...


Dare I say, I hated this more than Ride To Hell? Previous Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_biCR_M0o00 Stream: ...

Let's Play Rogue Warrior - Part 1: Edginess Extreme

Please be WARNED: The game and my written commentary in the video contain a lot of SWEARING, so watch at your own ...

Countdown To The Worst - Ride To Hell: Retribution

DX returns with Ride To Hell: Retribution, a game that was 1% complete before its funding got pulled out from under it and the ...

Games I Fcking Hate - Raven's Cry (Steam NEEDS Quality Control)

Games I Fcking Hate is back with a vengeance. In this review of Raven's Cry, DXFan619 talks about the necessity of quality ...

St Game Saturday: Rogue Warrior

In perhaps the pinnacle of everything bad in gaming, we take a peek at Rogue Warrior.

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