Видео: Accented & Composite Characters in Fontographer 5

Designing Accents and Diacritics. FontLab Studio 5 tutorial with Victor Gaultney

Learn how to add diacritics (accented letters) to your fonts and create composite characters using anchors and FontLab Studio's ...

Adding Euro Characters in Fontographer 5

Using Fontographer to add a Euro character to your font. For Mac and PC fonts.

My First Font in Fontographer 5

A walk-through of how to create your very first font using Fontographer 5.

International Fonts in in Fontographer 5 for Windows

How to create international fonts for the PC. Includes character definitions and keyboard control panel setup.

Basics of Hinting in Fontographer 5

How to create crisp, hinted characters, repair fuzzy artwork, how to rehint a font.

Frequently Asked Questions for Fontographer 5

FAQs, compare FontLab. TypeTool.

Adding OpenType Features in Fontographer 5

How to edit "fea" (OpenType feature files) and include them in your fonts. Including: fea, feature, ligatures, class kerning, hanging ...

Importing Artwork into Fontographer 5

bitmapped images, EPS, copy/paste.

Blending Fonts in Fontographer 5

How to blend two fonts together to form another weight. For example, a medium weight which is halfway between Regular and ...

How To Use Fontographer and import text to editors

How To Use Fontographer and how to drag your font into any windows,mac,unix operating system's editors it is really simple ...

Font Families in Fontographer 5

font family, style, weight, bold, italic.

Building accented glyphs in FontLab (Russian)

Instructional video on building accented glyphs using anchors. Russian narration. Part Two: ...

Creating a Bold Font in Fontographer 5

How to created a Bold weighted font.

Adding custom glyphs to fonts with Fontlab Studio 5

Red = left (double) click Blue = right click.

Easy Font Tutorial Use Fontographer (In Bahasa)

Tutorial membuat font dengan menggunakan aplikasi Fontographer yang sangat mudah digunakan.

A Concise Character Composite by Marty Vale.wmv

A few more characters for your kind consideration . . .

Composite Character Tool

Read more about the Character Composite Tool at: https://www.thedesignexchange.org/design_methods/313 Design Exchange ...

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